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Exclusive jewelry from Pomellato, Chantecler, Giovanni Ferraris, Recarlo.

On New Year’s eve, there is no doubt that jewelry is the most desirable gift that every girl dreams of.

When looking for a dream gift, be sure to choose something truly unique and perfect! After all, your darling is special and deserves to have exceptional jewelry that will emphasize her individuality and will not be like any other in the world.

The jewelry boutique Il Cammeo is the official representative in Ukraine of the best Italian jewelry houses, each of which has a unique signature that conquered the world: Pomellato, Giovanni Ferraris, Chantecler, Recarlo. You will definitely be able to choose the jewelry that describes your feelings in the best way. After all, she is not like everyone else. And that's why jewelry should be special!

And, of course, every girl deserves to have jewels, so jewelry is the best gift for herself. In this way, you can emphasize your unique style and impeccable taste. It is the jewelry that allows her to place accents and play with images, changing jewelry for a certain style of clothing, as well as to tell the world that she is not like everyone else, that she is unique.

GIOVANNI FERRARIS — tradition and innovation

The Giovanni Ferraris jewelry house is the embodiment of a fresh and extraordinary look at jewelry design. Owning jewelry is truly a pleasure, and owning one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry by Maestro Giovanni means being part of something big!

Giovanni Ferraris are unique works of art created in the heart of the jewelry world. Unsurpassed Italian jewelry craftsmanship makes the fantastic ideas of Giovanni Ferraris special, turning them into real objects of desire.

The specialty of the brand's collections is innovation and the use of high technologies in jewelry art. Here every product is thought out to the smallest detail. Giovanni Ferraris is the beauty of a gemstone, the elegance of lines and the harmony of forms. These are innovative precious masterpieces that celebrate traditional values - the beauty of nature and women, which are so harmonious.

POMELLATO, inspired by the aesthetics of Milan

The Pomellato jewelry house is the embodiment of expressive individuality and an extraordinary approach to jewelry art. It was Pomellato who first applied the concept of "pret-a-porte" in the jewelry world, presenting elegant jewelry for everyday use. In the end, it became not only a favorite brand of the residents of Milan, but also a real legislator of jewelry fashion in the whole world, which it remains today for more than 50 years.

According to Pomellato designers, decoration should be both beautiful and functional, combining modernity and eternal values. These are the principles that the brand is always guided by when creating its unique masterpieces. For more than 50 years, the house of Pomellato has been the choice of girls in Italy and around the world, for whom it is important to be stylish every day, which is why the brand's jewelry is comfortable to wear and perfectly complements everyday looks, emphasizing her taste and style.

By the way, Pomellato is not only what a man buys for his woman, but also what a woman chooses for herself. This is what becomes a beautiful embodiment of gratitude and a confession of love for oneself, a gesture that adds confidence, gives strength and joy.

CHANTECLER is a symbol of good luck and a happy life

When it comes to precious gifts for the New Year that will bring joy and unforgettable emotions, because they are so lacking in our lives today, Chantecler jewelry is worth your attention. The niche jewelry house Chantecler is an example of the highest quality of execution and unique style made in Italy with an impeccable vision of beauty and values, which are addressed to Italian artisanal traditions. All the beauty and luxury of the island of Capri are reflected in amazing jewels that have become a symbol of happiness, prosperity and life in the spirit of Dolce Vita all over the world! For more than 70 years, Chantecler jewelry has been chosen by celebrities, Hollywood stars and style icons.

Bells have always been iconic ornaments of the Chantecler house. Made of gold, studded with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, jewelry from the Campanelle collection is a bright symbol of good luck, known all over the world. These cute precious bells are masterpieces of jewelry art. They can be combined in different ways every day. These are timeless jewels that do not go out of fashion, perfectly combined with current casual style, and their combinations demonstrate the unique taste of each woman, her individuality and mood.

According to an ancient Italian legend, bells represent joy, luck and success.

The story goes that in the 15th century, Saint Michele came down to earth to help a poor shepherd boy find his only sheep. The saint took the bell off his neck and gave it to the boy. “Take it,” said San Michele, “and always follow its sound. He will protect you from all dangers and bring success." Give precious bells for good luck and let the next year be easy, joyful and carefree for your loved ones.

RECARLO – a diamond as the embodiment of sincere feelings

If your darling prefers a classic style, and you are still looking for a gift to give her for the New Year, be sure that the most desired gift is a diamond in an exquisite setting, created by the best Italian craftsmen of the Recarlo jewelry house. Just imagine with what trepidation and pleasant excitement she will open the treasured precious box! And what if in this box there will be not just an ornament, but a ring that will become a silent proposal of hand and heart? Or another incredibly beautiful confession of love? After all, it is worth talking about your feelings again and again. What could be more romantic on New Year's Eve?

Recarlo jewelry offers many options and styles of single stone rings, perfect for proposals, eternity rings, and tri-diamond trinity rings.

Diamonds of the highest quality are the pride of the Recarlo jewelry house, becoming the main violin of elegant collections. The beauty of diamonds is complemented by gold and platinum, and the laconic design and unique, patented forms of fastening emphasize their majesty and give them a dazzling play. You wear not just a ring on your finger, but a diamond, the value of which will only grow over time, just like your love.

Jewels, their incredible shine has the magical property of reflecting happiness in the eyes of women all over the world. Give your loved one an unforgettable moment - present the most desired and truly unique precious gift when she is waiting for magic!

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