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Outstanding collections of the brand.

The New Year is undoubtedly a favorite holiday for everyone. Some enjoy the preparation for the holiday, others look forward to the event itself and the desired presents.

On the eve of the New Year, every girl dreams of receiving something special as a gift. There is nothing more pleasant than untying the ribbon on a cherished jewelry box. Especially when it comes to jewelry from the trendy Italian brand Dodo. They resemble miniature works of art and captivate with their refined conciseness, emphasizing the style and taste of their owners.

Dodo jewelry is a special philosophy.

The eco-conscious jewelry brand is winning the hearts of the young generation, for whom individuality, inclusiveness, environmental friendliness and openness are not just words, but a vision of the world.

Precious Dodo forms are ideal for creating images in current casual and street styles. Every decoration — spectacular and cheerful — can subtly emphasize individuality and openness to the world.

You can combine jewelry with each other in endless variations. This is the uniqueness of the brand's creations.

Dodo jewelry reflects real feelings and bright emotions.They seem to transport you to a distant childhood, and are also imbued with the freshness of designer thought and inexhaustible optimism. It is not for nothing that they are chosen by fashion bloggers, influencers and stylish girls with refined taste! And they are presented in stylish precious boxes on the occasion of the most important holidays all over the world — from Europe to the USA.

Stellina collection

In the new Stellina collection, the jewels are in the shape of "constellations" and are made of rose gold and diamonds. Rings and bracelets envelop the fingers and wrists in a serpentine of precious radiance, as if celestial bodies flying across the field of vision. Spiral designs showcase diamond-pavé stars, while earrings, pendants and chain bracelets are adorned with three-star constellations.

Bollicine collection

Bollicine's laconic jewelry, with which it is easy to play with layers, is a jewelry metaphor for champagne bubbles. Created in the form of precious spheres, the collection was presented in 2020, and in 2021 it received additions. Now rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants are distinguished by the favorable proximity of metals (silver and rose gold) with diamonds.

For example, in the two-tiered ring and bracelet, silver balls are set on a rose gold surface, and the gold spheres of the rings and earrings are inlaid with diamonds. Most importantly, the ornaments of the updated Bollicine collection demonstrate fresh trends: minimalism, multi-layering and the ability to combine different shades of metal in one look.

Pepita collection

The Pepita collection from fashion brand Dodo showcases trendy jewelry that radiates a fresh take on elegance. In the collection you will find bracelets made of smooth gold particles - Pepita beads, as well as open rings, earrings and bracelets topped with the same shapes that resemble perfectly polished stones from the sea.

And, of course, DoDo are trendy precious talismans, which the most stylish girls on the planet are delighted with! A star, a four-leaf clover, berries, a ladybug, flowers, hearts, crescents and snowflakes, made of gold and gemstones. The variety of motifs in the brand's collections is truly impressive. And all of them are designed so that when giving jewelry, you express your feelings in the language of Dodo metaphors.

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