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Кольцо Gerstner
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A ring for life

The Gerstner company is the largest and oldest manufacturer of wedding rings in Europe. Back in 1862, as a sign of love for Eliza Kinley, Max Gerstner created his own enterprise in Pforzheim, and without realizing that he was laying the foundation for one of the most significant enterprises for the production of wedding rings of the next century. And in the same year, his beloved Eliza answered him "Yes".

After the death of Max Gerstner in 1891, two of his ten children - sons August and Richard Gerstner - took over the management of the enterprise. After five years, Richard leaves his post and starts selling gemstones. In 1902, his brother August launched the production of wedding rings as a separate line and on July 11 registered a "gold seamless wedding ring" in the Kaiser patent office.

On its way, the brand experienced ups and downs, the devastation associated with the Second World War and an incredible rise to the peak of its popularity around the world in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century, until its 100-year anniversary. It was at this time that the phrase "Ring for life" became the brand's slogan. All these years, the company has been managed by the Gerstner family from generation to generation, as proof that there is nothing stronger and stronger than family ties and marriage.


In 1965, after more than a million engagement rings were produced in the Gerstner workshops, the company found a new name - "August Gerstner Ring Factory".

With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Gerstner company significantly expanded its market. And after the enlargement of the EU, Gerstner engagement rings are gaining popularity in the countries of Eastern Europe.

In 2000, German jewelers awarded Gerstner the title "Manufacturer of Wedding Rings of the Year". It is interesting that this title is assigned to the company more than once. By 2013, the brand received this title 12 more times.

The 150th anniversary of the company is celebrated under the motto "150 years of emotions". The family celebrates this unique event together with employees and beloved customers. Until now, more than 10 million wedding rings have been produced in the workshops of the Gerstner company, which have long become a symbol of a happy marriage around the world.

Today, August Gerstner has more than a hundred employees. The highest quality alloys that do not contain nickel are used for the production of wedding rings. White gold alloys do not contain manganese. The August Gerstner brand offers a selection of rings with high strength, resistant to deformation and scratches, thanks to cold stamping technology. Ultra-modern processing machines are used in production, and high-class jewelers and highly qualified specialists enable the company to produce flawless premium products.

The unique design of the rings was developed by Anneli Frolin, a highly qualified jeweler, one of the brand's companions and descendants of the company's founder. She has been collecting for more than ten years. Her masterpieces are timeless classics that combine the original and the unique, sometimes with a light touch of the risky, but so attractive avant-garde.

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