Кольцо TITANIUM Giovanni Ferraris
Серьги Tiramisu
Серьги Tiramisu Giovanni Ferraris
Колье Velvet
Колье Velvet Giovanni Ferraris
Кольцо Giovanni Ferraris
Кольцо Anastasia
Кольцо Anastasia Giovanni Ferraris
Кольцо Bella
Кольцо Bella Giovanni Ferraris
Кольцо Fraganze
Кольцо Fraganze Giovanni Ferraris
Кольцо Fraganze
Кольцо Fraganze Giovanni Ferraris
Кольцо Twist
Кольцо Twist Giovanni Ferraris
Серьги Bella
Серьги Bella Giovanni Ferraris
Серьги Tiramisu
Серьги Tiramisu Giovanni Ferraris
Серьги Twist
Серьги Twist Giovanni Ferraris
Серьги Velvet
Серьги Velvet Giovanni Ferraris

Collections of Giovanni Ferraris, which are presented in our boutique:


Italian traditions and innovations

The Giovanni Ferraris jewelry house is synonymous with a fresh and extraordinary look at jewelry. Owning jewelry is a real pleasure, and owning unique pieces of jewelry art from maestro Giovanni means being part of something big!

The first thing you should know about Giovanni Ferraris jewelry - before you are jewelry in their true sense, created in the very heart of the jewelry world - wonderful Italy. Unsurpassed Italian jewelry craftsmanship makes the fantastic ideas of maestro Giovanni Ferraris tangible, turning them into real works of jewelry art.

The second feature of the brand's collections is innovation and the use of high technologies in jewelry. Here, in every product, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. So, for example, large and voluminous Anastasia cocktail rings are created by precise calculations, when the necessary shape and weight of both the product and the stone are determined. Such a unique approach not only makes the creation of such jewelry possible, but also allows them to be comfortable to wear.

Pasquale Bruni

Each new idea for the jewelers of Giovanni Ferraris is a challenge to themselves. Yes, the brand is one of the few that works with titanium and holds patents for the systems it uses in its jewelry. In his collections, so difficult to work with, unbreakable titanium is transformed into luxurious jewelry masterpieces, finding the forms of bright colors, petals, precious butterflies ... The whole point is that titanium is lighter, but at the same time stronger than gold, and this allows jewelers to play with impressive volumes. In addition, just imagine, titanium can acquire different shades (blue, green, yellow, pink), and also has the ability to remember the shape of fingers and wrists, which jewelers used when creating rings and spring bracelets from the iconic Twist collection.

And the third thing is style and design. Giovanni Ferraris is not a story about mass production, but about sophisticated aesthetic taste. The beauty of the gemstone, the elegance of the lines and the harmony of the forms of the brand's jewelry collections are inspired by associations with nature, which, as the jeweler admits, are the source of his inspiration. It seems easier to invent a new style of speech for Giovanni Ferraris than to describe these ornaments with the usual glossy stamps. Practicality and luxury, the uniqueness of the designer's thought and its wonderful embodiment in the brand's jewelry travel hand in hand through the pages of fashion magazines and secular chronicles.

The Giovanni Ferraris jewelry house participates in the most prestigious jewelry exhibitions in the world, where it always impresses even the most experienced connoisseurs of jewelry art. Thus, the debut of the brand at the Las Vegas Couture Show in 2014 was marked by a victory and an award at the Couture Design Awards, received for the design of the Titanium collection earrings. In 2017, the jewelers of the brand managed to delight the world again, presenting at the American competition "dancing" earrings from the same Titanium collection, decorated with white diamonds and taking first place in the "Editor's СCHOICE" category. In 2019, in the category "Haute Couture" at the exhibition in Las Vegas, the titanium earrings with sapphires and diamonds received the third place award, which once again brought the global success of the Titanium collection.

The fascinating depth of precious stones, a special approach to the selection of materials and unique design forms that successfully combined Italian jewelry traditions and high technologies of jewelry art - all this is about the masterpieces of the Giovanni Ferraris jewelry house, which at first glance conquer the hearts of girls with impeccable taste in everything the world

The jewelry boutiques Il Cammeo is the official representative of the Giovanni Ferraris jewelry house in Kyiv, Dnipro and Kharkiv.

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