Кольцо Africa color
Кольцо Africa color Marco Bicego
Колье Africa
Колье Africa Marco Bicego
Браслет Paradise
Браслет Paradise Marco Bicego
Серьги Lunaria
Серьги Lunaria Marco Bicego
Браслет Africa
Браслет Africa Marco Bicego
Браслет Jaipur
Браслет Jaipur Marco Bicego
Браслет Lucia
Браслет Lucia Marco Bicego
Браслет Masai
Браслет Masai Marco Bicego
Браслет Masai
Браслет Masai Marco Bicego
Колье Jaipur-link
Колье Jaipur-link Marco Bicego
Колье Lucia
Колье Lucia Marco Bicego
Колье Lunaria
Колье Lunaria Marco Bicego
Колье Marrakech onde
Колье Marrakech onde Marco Bicego
Кольцо Marco Bicego
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Collections of Marco Bicego, which are presented in our boutique:


Silk threads of gold

Inspired by the true Italian color and traditions of jewelry art, Marco Bicego jewelry in just 16 years of the brand's history managed not only to find a unique, recognizable handwriting, but also love, absolute recognition of customers in Europe, the United States and around the world, including many famous personalities of show business and politicians. The brand was created in 2000 by the then novice jeweler Marco Bicego. For the first time, he tried his hand at making jewelry and metalworking at the age of 22 in his father's workshop, which was opened way back in 1958. The love of jewelry art and the invaluable knowledge passed on from father to son captured Marco's interest so much that it became his life's work.

Today, Marco Bicego is another of the youngest, promising and successful European jewelry brands. Its production facilities, as before, are located in Italy, where special attention is paid to gold processing techniques, quality of execution and precious stones.

Pasquale Bruni

When creating his jewelry, Marco Bicego approaches gold processing in a completely new way, giving it a specific texture with the help of a bullion tool, which outwardly resembles a silk canvas, complemented by the glow of diamonds, as well as a large number of colored gemstones and semi-precious stones - topazes, aquamarines, diamonds, quartz, citrine, amethyst, tourmaline and many others. The recognizable style of Marco Bicego is also made by jewelry made in the "guitar string" technique, which is associated with this jewelry house all over the world. Expressive, attractive, ultra-fashionable Marco Bicego jewelry today is chosen by celebrities, style icons and fashionistas all over the world. You can buy Marco Bicego jewelry in Dnipro from an official representative - in the Il Cammeo jewelry boutique.

All collections are on the brand's official website:


Pasquale Bruni
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