Колье LUCE
Колье LUCE Utopia
Колье LUCE
Колье LUCE Utopia
Колье Simply
Колье Simply Utopia
Колье Simply
Колье Simply Utopia
Колье Simply
Колье Simply Utopia
Колье Stardust
Колье Stardust Utopia
Кольцо Bolero
Кольцо Bolero Utopia
Кольцо Cherry Blossom
Кольцо Cherry Blossom Utopia
Кольцо Eden
Кольцо Eden Utopia
Кольцо Gallery
Кольцо Gallery Utopia
Кольцо Perlage
Кольцо Perlage Utopia
Кольцо Simply
Кольцо Simply Utopia
Кольцо Stardust
Кольцо Stardust Utopia
Ожерелье Simply
Ожерелье Simply Utopia
Серьги Cherry Blossom
Серьги Cherry Blossom Utopia
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Collections of Utopia, which are presented in our boutique:

Clair De Lune
Night Fever

Gifts of the seas

Combining the avant-garde and tradition, paying special attention to the trends and quality of natural pearls grown on their own farms, the Utopia jewelry house interprets pearls in a modern way and, what is unique, in the style characteristic of Italian design, being a world leader in the creation of jewelry with pearls. The source of inspiration for the designers of the brand is the world with its forms, colors and sounds, and the means of artistic realization are the most noble and high-quality materials: gold, diamonds and, of course, the best pearls in the world.


White pearls of the South Seas and black pearls of Tahiti are the largest types of pearls in the world, with the thickest layer of nacre. In addition, they are the most valuable in the world, since the process of their emergence is very complex and, without exaggeration, can be called one of the wonders of nature. Such pearls are large (sometimes up to 18 mm), rare, with a perfect surface and a luxurious mother-of-pearl shine used in Utopia masterpieces. It is interesting that the jewelry house Utopia, in an effort to depart from the usual canons, creates its collections not only in white and rose gold, but also boldly combines luxurious classic white pearls with fashionable black rhodium!

Today, Utopia jewelry house is known all over the world and is officially presented in the most prestigious jewelry boutiques in the USA, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Germany, and the UAE. You have a unique opportunity in Ukraine - in the Il Cammeo jewelry boutiques, to enjoy Utopia design solutions in the style of the Italian jewelry tradition, which gave pearls a wonderful, luxurious frame.

All collections are on the brand's official website:


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